How will we guide you about baitcasting reels:

I am W.Smith; whose mission is to empower baitcasters especially newbies so, they can enjoy fishing like the experienced fisherman. If you are looking for the content based on expert opinion and real life fishing then I am here to provide help for you.

I will write content about fishing or Baitcasting in an easy language so, newbies can easily understand the required fishing techniques without facing any language barrier. We have written content that can be based on purely expert opinion and real time using of different fishing gears so read out our privacy policy as given below:

Privacy and Policy:

I will write content on the basis of my exposure and experience as well as on the basis of the expert opinion that is given by fishing experts. All the information and content is generated on the basis of good will however, the nature of exposure may vary from environment to enviornment. So, carefully observe all the aspects of Baitcasting as our platform won’t be responsible for any harm or ill experience as we have created this platform to empower you! If you feel that some content is designed with mistake then you can contact us as well so, we can correct it as well. We have tried our best to provide best content for our users on the basis of our experience and exposure however we also admit that there can be need of improvements as well so, if you are fishing expert and wanna help us to modify any tip on the basis of your experience then you can contact us or you can comment below the posts as well. Some of the pages may contain amazon based content so, that content can be for sales however, all of that would be based on the expert opinion of real time baitcaster users. Hopefully, you will keep learning from our platform!

Our Mission:

Our Mission is to empower new Anglers to enjoy Baitcasting like a pro fisher man; so keep learning from our platform!
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